An original and inspirational gift idea

ideal for a family with young children.  Grandparents to grandchildren it will bring a smile to the face of all generations. 

Track Kit 4 which includes the sample pack is a great introduction to Room Top Railways, enabling a basic oval (starter train set) to be fitted into the corner of the room ideally above the door.

Getting a train set off the floor keeps it safe from being stood on, pets, younger hands and the vacuum cleaner.  Having a train running around above your head as you walk into a child’s bedroom or playroom adds a magical touch to a play space which will be loved by all.

Room Top Railways Track Kit 4 can always grow with enthusiasm with the addition of Track Kit 1 sending the train around the room and/or Track Kit 3 which literally adds a third dimension to the train set.  This will all come clear once you have installed this great introduction present to Room Top Railways.


Track Kit 4 & sample pack (Brackets only)  £68.75 + £5.25 postage and Packaging 

One stop shop.  Track Kit 4 + sample pack also includes track:  Basic Oval Radius 2 with power connector.  Train and transformer not included.  £99.75 + £5.25 postage and packaging.




Original and inspirational gift ideas




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