Room Top Railways The Story Behind The Product

by Jason Hamlyn

Having bought a train set for my own 3 year old son to run around the base of the tree at Christmas, he was hugely disappointed when twelfth night came and it had to be dismantled.  Having no room in the house to keep the track set up, I came up with the idea of mounting it on the walls of his bedroom and Room Top Railways became a reality.  My son is now at school, but still enjoys putting the train on in his bedroom; friends who have come over to play are fascinated by it.  What he also thinks is great, is that I built it for him.  He has no concept of me designing the brackets and is barely aware of them, he just loves and remembers when I put it up in his bedroom , which for me, as a father, is fantastic.

I have put together a very comprehensive set of instruction explaining exactly how to install the different track layouts or ‘Track Kits. The more engineering minded may be happy to simply follow the individual diagrams, but by using these along with the step by step written guide or the instruction videos found on this website. Any adult can successfully install a Room Top Railway without any previous experience with model railway building..

Room Top Railways is owned by BikeAway Ltd, Bell Close, Newnham Industrial Estate, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 4JH

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