Room Top Railways

Our aim is to take the model railway for enthusiasts back a century to a 'toy train' for children and the child within us all.  The train can be a portal for  a child's imagination - think Thomas the Tank Engine, Chuggington and the Polar Express.  Adults may think of Pullman, relating to silver service, glamour and wealth or the Orient Express leading to intrigue, suspense and possibly murder!  There are famous train stories from all over the world, making the model train perhaps one of the most inspirational toys ever made.  A little over the top maybe, but we promise that a toy train running around a child's bedroom will bring a smile to the face of the whole family and friends of all generations.

With the full set of instructions along with the real time instruction videos that can be seen on this website. Room Top Railway can be fitted by any adult without any previous experience with model railway building.

It's great fun and you will get a real sense of achievement with a job well done and your family will love it.

Space Saving

 Putting the train up and out the way, suspending it on the wall or ceiling is a great answer to keeping a room tidy.


Easy to install

There are no nails, screws, or glue all the brackets are supplied with a specially designed double sided tape which on contact sticks to the wall or ceiling. 

Room Top Railways

Room Top Railways
Room Top Railways 
Room Top Railways

New items and development

There is a variety of brackets enabling you to build a very simple circuit which looks great in a child’s bedroom to a more complicated track for a more ambitious installation. One of the beauties of Room Top Railways is additional branch lines can always be added at a later date.



Welcome to the world of Room Top Railways 


To help you decide how to make Room Top Railways work in your home, we recommend that you purchase our sample pack this includes X2 RTR01 / X1 RTR11 and X2 RTR07 along with all fixings which will enable you to install x2 Radius 2 Double Curves 00/H0 gauge (not included) into the corner of a room (this can be changed to Radius 1or Radius 3 curves if preferred at the time of ordering.

The sample pack also shows the six Track Kits so you will able to make an informed choice as to the best track circuit to suit your individual room.

The brackets are supplied with a comprehensive set of instructions on how to bend, fix and install the track to the wall or ceiling which is designed for OO/HO Gauge only.  If suitable the train can run the whole way around a room, alternatively use just one or two walls with the track suspended off the ceiling and spiralling down and back under itself. This is similar to the stand you may have seen in a shop.

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We supply everything under one roof to bring your Room Top Railway to life -  all of the brackets, fixings and scenery you need to make you own magical display.